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Practical table stand for your builder and decoration brushes, enables you to have your working brushes in easy reach at all times.

£ 3.00

Brusytal Nails Brush Cleaner: max cleanin effect with orange oil!Maximum cleaning and extending life of the brush. For use with natural hair brushes only.A highly effective cleanser liquid to help lengthen the lifespan of your brushes.Submerge your brushes for required time to remove paint or product.

£ 6.45

New Brushes with Silicone hair (5 Types) in one set. Brushes with silicone hair for the new lace Gel. The different brushes can be used to create different  patterns.

£ 11.20

NEW! Crystal Nails poster Put this high-quality Crystal Nails poster on your salon's wall! This sophisticated poster will be the worthy decor of your salon. 50×70 cm (standard size)-

£ 5.45

Our Crystal Nails Zebra and Xtreme files both have long lifespan. Due to the newest particle adhesion technology the Xtreme files are the longest lasting files ever. The flexible gritting does not scratch or slide on the surface but clings onto the material and removes it better. The Xtreme files are made of Superior Grade Japanese Paper. Our Zebra Professional files have a softer grit than the Xtreme and are ideal for surface refining and use...

£ 1.65
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