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Our Hard Gel System (or Buff Off Gel System) contains superior top quality builder gels and hard gel colour gels in an inexhaustible range. Both beginners and experienced professionals will be able to find their favourite builder gel products.

Builder Gels

We have a wide range of builder gels available:

- Clear builder gels

- White builder gels

- Cover Pink builder gels

These builder gels come in a variety of different viscosities and shades to suit everyone. The Builder gel range from Crystal Nails are top quality builder gels that are not only super strong but flexible and easy to file.

Colour Gels

A selection of colours and exciting effects from our incredible selection of hard gel colours. Our Brilliant Gel Colour collection is an exceptional collection of hard gel glitters suitable to use along with your builder system.

Royal Gels - The new generation of hard gel colours.

- Royal gel is highly pigmented, so they will cover in 1 ( or 2 Thin) layers perfectly. After curing, the surface is dry and shiny. If we want to amplify the shine or we want to make sure that the shine will be long lasting, its recommended to cover it with our Universal Cool Gel Topcoat

- We can use it for covering the whole surface of the nail over our builder gel system

- Royal Gels are perfect for nail art decorations as well due to the highly pigmented material