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We have Classic CrystaLac and the new One Step CrystaLac gel polishes & the Easy-Off family to suit all needs.

One Step CrystaLac Family

The amazing properties of One Step CrystaLac are that firstly in most cases you only need to apply one layer due to its pigmentation levels, but even more amazing is that after curing there is not a sticky layer to remove.

Super fast application, gentle to the natural nails, containing vitamin A & E, is easy to soak off.
2-3 weeks durability.

For extra durability you can use any of the following top shine gels:
Super Shine Optic and One Step 0 (cleansing free)
Classic CrystaLac 0 (cleansing needed)

CrystaLac Family

Our CrystaLac Gel Polishes have higher pigmentation allowing perfect coverage in even a single layer in most cases. Due to its PolyHybrid production technology you can expect 3-4 weeks durability, no chipping or scratches as opposed to traditional nail polishes.

Use it to strengthen natural nails or over nail extensions.
Their silver glazed bottles are UV protected.
The 4ml bottles now come with a longer cap for a more comfortable grip and maneuverability.
Its flat brush lies better on the nails surface for more punctuality and uniformity.
Use Base gel as a base coat and CrystaLac 0 for top coat. Solve it with Acryl Remover.

Easy Off Family

Easy off Hardener Gel
A flexible brush on soak off base gel
As strong as traditional gels
Soak off
More flexible and adheres better than any natural nail strengthening gel than ever before
It offers an excellent solution to help strengthen natural nails, even on toes

Easy Off Top Gel
A flexible brush on soak off top gel
High shine top gel that can be applied to all gels, acrylics and CrystaLac.
Thinner version of the great hit EAsy Off Clear nail strengthening gel. This product needs to be wiped with cleanser after curing.
Tip - will harden in 2-3 minutes but do not leave in the lamp for any longer as yellowing can occur