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CrystaLac Gel Polishes were developed through the tireless work of Crystal Nails’ chemical engineers and international champion nail technicians. CrystaLac gel polishes combine the durability of gels with the softness of nail polishes (gel like nail polishes). Perfect adhesion, maximal coverage characterises them, as well as easy application and diamond-tough durability.

The Crystal Nails professional nail supplies brand offers 2 gel polish systems for nail technicians from which it is advised to choose according to each client’s demands. Each system offers a different duration of damage-free durability for average wear: for the 3 STEP gel polish system, it’s 3 weeks, and for the One Step gel polish technique, it’s 14 days. The durability for the One Step techniques can be extended with the use of top coats such as our Universal Cool TopCoat.

Gel Polish Colours

Crystal Nails gel nail polish colours are available in an unparalleled selection. With our gel polish colours and hypnotising effects, you’ll surely be able to impress all your clients! Gel nail polish kits provide a budget-friendly way to get a hold of the latest trend colours or bestseller colours at unbeatable prices in gel polish sets.

The are available in a variety of effects:

- Glitter Crystalac gel polish

- Full diamond Crystalac gel polsih

- Neon Crystalac gel polsih

- Cashmere Crystalac gel polsih

- Tigereye Crystalac gel polsih

- Chrome Crystalac gel polsih

This system has all the must haves products and colours for anyone who loves gel polish