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Developed with champion nail technicians for the profession’s future champions, Crystal Nails Acrylic Nail Supplies are revolutionary feats of chemical engineering. From monomers to easily spreadable acrylic powders boosted with a non-yellowing formula – Master Powders, Cover Powders, and Colour Powders, to name just a few - you’ll find all the materials you need to sculpt beautiful acrylic nails.

The main characteristics of the Crystal Nails system were selected by the instructions of champion educators. Due to the fine grinding, the acrylic bead is creamy, and can be spread easily. Contain a non-yellowing formula.

In this category you can find the following acrylic nail supplies:

Master Powders

These nail powders have a faster cure time and are recommended for nail techs with more experience.

Cover Nail Powders

These nail powders have good coverage and they can be found in a wide range of colours matching to all skin types. The Cover Powders are for the aesthetic extension of the nail bed. The Cover acrylic powders are easy to shape and spread so have a slower curing time.

Slower Powders

These acrylic powders have a Slower cure time, these are ideal for less experienced nail techs who need more time to shape the nail. They have creamy consistency and non-yellowing formula.

Colour Nail powders

Choose from a wide range of effects and hundreds of colour acrylic nail powders. These powders have a high covering formula, as they are finely grounded acrylic powders they require more liquid than the building powders. As the acrylic powders contain colour pigments, glitters they must be absorbed by a dry paper towel in order to get the proper colour and texture, thus your favourite powder will be easier to use.

Acrylic Nail Kits

You can find any type of kits in our catalogue from trial to sculpting, colour kits and more.