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Replaceable sponges on both ends Comes equipped with four sponges you can buy separately. Perfect for creating beautiful colour gradients on any base coat with Art Gel and RoyalCream Gel and for Baby Boomer gel polishing with Cover Pink Base Gel and White Art Gel as it marvelously blends Art Gel. The official cleaning method, one drop of cleanser than with the kitchen roll clean the paints off, after around 1 hour will get back the...

£ 19.60

A6 Acrylic Brush – Size 6 brush made of soft, natural Kolinsky bristles. Its size makes it perfect for use with colour materials. Recommended for experienced and less experienced nail technicians.

£ 17.50

Natural hair, top quality brush. Use for larger 3D acrylic work and Gel design (one brush for each technique)

£ 19.50
3 Review(s)

Thickest Crystal Nails brush!The Big One Brush - Large, flat, extremely thick, professional acrylic brush with natural bristles tailor-made for experienced nail technicians. High-quality bristles boast outstanding absorbency. The pointed tip ensures precise results. Harder bristles, enhanced compressive force. Light wooden handle, metal cap, comes in a case. The brush has Xtreme thickness, with a tip that rolls into an accurate point. 

£ 31.95

NEW! OmbrePRO brush Synthetic, thinner hair specifically designed for colour fading with gel. Due to the heads enhanced width it makes colour fading a lot easier. By using tapping movements you can create a perfect ombre effect. These brushes are perfect for Royal Gels and gel polishes. CN tip: Use ombre sponge brush for Art Gel paint gels and RoyalCream Gels.

£ 14.60

A8 Acrylic Brush – Size 8 brush made of soft, natural Kolinsky bristles. Recommended for experienced and less experienced nail technicians.

£ 29.95

With these synthetic brushes it will be easy to apply the pigment powder onto the nails. This kit contains 5 synthetic brushes.

£ 13.80

Synthetic hair brush for smaller nails and decoration

£ 11.60

Gel Builder Brush (#6), also with a sparkling, crystal-filled handle!

£ 11.60

Diagonal slanted brush: perfect for creating smile lines with gel or acrylic paint.

£ 10.50

Italian designed rounded haired brush. Made for fine but fast colour gel application. The extraordinary hair and design of the Nero Merlo brushes ensures precise work with gel. Create the smile line easier due to its cambered shape.

£ 15.30
2 Review(s)

An essential for professional salon work. Made of natural hair and specially developed for building gel nails.Nero Merlo II. In the opinion of Gabor Kovacs: This is the best gel brush in the world, you can't put it down!

£ 15.90

The newest member of the popular natural brushes family. The smaller version of the cambered Nero Merlo I. for detailed, precise works on smaller surfaces.

£ 15.90

Synthetic gel brush. Thanks to its softer, longer and flat fur, it is more easier to apply it. This brush is perfect formake the smile line and for royal and color gels, and to cover the whole nails.

£ 15.90

Synthetic hair brush. Stronger hair and wider: ideal for use with tick viscosity gels.

£ 13.70

Long synthetic hair brush (10mm) use with aquarelle paints or gels to create thicker and longer lines and designs

£ 8.60
1 Review(s)

Natural hair, top quality sharp point brush. Use for small precise 3D acrylic work and Gel design (one brush for each technique)

£ 17.95

Short, wide top, similar to Firm Gel, natural hair, Italian development.

£ 19.50

Very short, needle sharp, natural hair. Perfect for acrylic painting.

£ 12.90
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Top quality, exclusive design, good price, jewel effect, engraved logo.The brushes have their own cap and well-fixed handle for the precise work.