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Base Gels and Top Coats

We have a wide variety of different Base Coats and Top Coats for all nail systems.

Our Compact Base Gel is our new generation of base gel and nail strengthener, our version of Builder in a Bottle, with 7 shades to choose from:

- Clear
- Clear plus
- Milky white
- Milky rose
- Cover rose
- Cover pink
- Translucent Nude

Builder Base Gels

Builder Base Gel is a strong cohesion, flexible soak off base gel. It can be used under 3step crystalac and our builder gels

Cool Top Coat

Universal Cool Top Coat is our most popular top coat. It is non-cleansing, soak-off, flexible topcoat. This top coat is designed to work over all nail system

It also comes in a new version Cool Top 4 Dark which does not contain the blue filter so once applied to darker colours the colour will stay true in natural and artificial light.

Mattever Matte TopCoat

Our Matte top coat is non-cleansing, soak off, flexible super- matte topcoat. Designed to be used with all nail systems