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B-Curl – Creates lashes as if curled with and eyelash curter. The thickness- 0.15mm, 0.20mm available. The length -8,-10,-12,-14 and 16mm available. 1000pcs

C-Curl – Creates lashes as if curled with and and eyelash curter. The thickness -0.15mm, 0.20mm available. The length -8,-10,-12,-14 and 16mm available

Bulk lash – a Lash with luxurious silk strands with soft and natural texture that is similar to real mink hair. The thickness – 0.15mm, 0.20mm available. The length -8,-10, -12 and 14mm available. The lashes are available in curl B and C.

Double lash – Lash that is created by intertwining two false strands into a single Y shape stand that can create a voluminous effect with just a small amount. The thickness – 0.15mm, 0.20mm available. The length -10,-12 and 14mm available.

Colour Lash – Lash with soft luxurious silk strands that is available in 10 popular colours. B curl is available only. The length -8,-10, -12 and 14 mm available.

Flare lash – A lash with luxurious silk strands. The length -9,-11 and 13 mm available.

After care – Noir mascara it won’t let your eye smear by sweats or tear. It coats each lash softly with specialized fine polymer. It will give you full volume and rich eyelashes without mass. The keratin nutrient makes your lashes stronger and gives luminance shine. The Tocopherol (Vitamin E) helps to minimize the stimulation.

Strong – The strong glue’s substance is watery (thin), but it has fast drying time of 6 seconds approx. bonding period is about 4 weeks maximum. 10ml

Sensitive – Sensitive glue has low fumes, but shorter bonding period of 2 weeks approx. 10ml

Primer clear – The substance is clear (transparent). The bonding period is about 2 weeks maximum. 10ml

Gel remover – Gel type remover is easy to use, avoid remover getting into eyes. 15ml

Lash primer – Lash primer helps you to remove oil, dust and sterilize before Eyelash Extension. Drop 2-3 drops of Lash primer, gently wipe off lash with it. You can use cotton or swab depending on part you are working with. 50ml

Lint Free Eye Patch – ‘Lint free eye patch’ has our own specialized coating surface that won’t have lint after you apply on, strong on tweezers. Also keeps the moisture underneath the coating surface to give an intense nutrient to your eyes. 1 pair

Eye Makeup Remover Tissue – Cleansing tissue has no stimulation. It helps to remove make up with our uncleansed residue. 24piece

Silicone pad – A special material silicone makes lashes stand up slightly to make easier to pick up each lash 1 piece

Comb Brush – Helps to arrange lashes before the extension procedure.

Micro swab dispenser – Cleaner container for micro swab. By turning a knob slightly to use it.

Regular tweezers – There are two type available, the tapering and the curved one.

Stainless steel mini scissor is compact size with strong mechanism.

Vetus tweezers – This titanium tweezers are strong and light weight. There are two type available, the tapering and the curved one.

Surgical tape has secure strength with no stimulation. Useable for tape eyelashes during the extension.

Glue Crystal

Quick set – special glue for flare lash in black colour.

Black blower is large blower. It has most high air pressure of all.

Enlarger light – fivefold magnify light for special minutiae work.

Extension base – helps you to remove oil, dust and sterilize before eyelash extension. 15ml

Remover (pure clearly and eye) – The remover has natural herb that has no stimulation on skin, helps to remove make up without any residue. 100ml

Diamond tattoo set – Give sparkle on your skin with diamond tattoo. 7 different colour, liquid, skin glue, wood sticks, stencils.

Set case – Stable case snakeskin markings.

Skin glue for Swarowski Crystal

SS3 and SS5 - £2.15/20pcs