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Crystal Nails E-cademy Online Course

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6 days! 6 online courses! 6 amazing techniques!

6 Absolute International Master Educators!

Where: everywhere! Accessed from your phone, tablet or laptop! 

When: live 16th May - 21st May 2020 

(available to access for 1 year after this date)

Price: £120

Who for: nail technicians of all levels

An amazing opportunity to learn from 6 Absolute International Master Educators all in the space of a week on our Crystal Nails E-cademy.

The Details

How to apply, please fill out our application form 

How do I pay?

Payment is simple. All you need to do is pay over Paypal info@crystalnails1.co.uk 

if Bank Transfer please email to pr@crystalnails4u.co.uk for further information 

if you wish over the phone please email to pr@crystalnails4u.co.uk

What do I do next? 

Once payment has been received, you will be added to a private, hidden Facebook group where the course content will be streamed. 

All you need to do is let us know your facebook profile & like the Crystal Nails UK page, then we will do the rest.

The Programme

Day One: 16th Saturday May - 3pm

Educator: Paulina Zdrada 


Multi Scratch Stars award winner, Scratch Stars ‘Hall of Famer’ and Judge Paulina will be starting us off on our first day. Paulina will be showing you the ever popular and versatile One Stroke Painting Technique using gel. You will be learning from the best as Paulina has won the Scratch Stars “One Stroke Artist of the Year’ 3 times now earning her a place in the Hall of Fame.

Paulina says:

Learn the very unique technique of one stroke painting and how to create beautiful designs with gel! 

The same beautiful end result without the worry of paint drying too fast. 

Painting with gel will save you time and create more durable designs. 

Day Two: 17th Sunday May - 3pm

Educator: Kara Evans 


Our Absolute International Master Educator for  Northern Ireland, Kara will bring you day 2. Kara will be able to share her wealth of experience as a successful tech, salon owner & educator and plans to show our latest technique for picture perfect modern gel polish application.

Kara says:

In this training I will show you how to apply gel polish using the modern gel polish technique using crystal nails compact base gel 

I will show you how to use the cuticle drill bits for the efile to create a neat clean cuticle which will help you with your colour application as we will be able to get the colour as close as possible without flooding the cuticle area. 

I will show you how to create a smooth, even surface without filing using Crystal Nails compact base gel and the tricks to get it as smooth as possible.

Modern gel polish is longer lasting compared to traditional gel polish application so your clients will get longer out of this service as it creates a stronger overlay on the nail

I will then finish off by showing you how to stamp using a variety of my favourite crystal nails pigments and powders, this technique is so quick in the salon and clients will love it

Day Three: 18th Monday May - 4pm

Educator: Karolina Tryc 


The super talented Karolina hosts day three of our Online Nail Camp. Bringing her extensive experience and many competition successes, Karolina will be teaching the ever popular baby boomer technique across 3 different systems. It's a Baby Boomer Master Class!

Karolina says:

Babyboomer  Technique across 3 systems 

Learn this very popular technique Crystal nails way. 

During this course you will learn all  - 

from the beginning,  so correct nail prep, form fit for modern square shape, baby boomer technique in 3 systems so in  acrylic , fusion gel and hard gel, all products knowledge and at the end correct filing and finishing.

Day Four: 19th Tuesday May - 4pm

Educator: Karina Perematko 


Our multiple UK champion, the extremely talented Karina brings you day four! 

Karina will be sharing with you some of the very latest popular and modern  ‘no file’ techniques on both infills and sculpting.

Karina says:

I will show you 2 very popular Techniques. 

1st Classic Almond Speed Infill without Filling plus One colour Application and Decoration with Swarovski 

2nd Sculpting Oval Shape No Filling Technique plus painting perfect  French  And Swirls

Throughout I will explain everything including Step by step, Preparation and Application. 

I will also explain exactly which gels are best to use for this technique and why. 

How to get the Colour Application close UP to cuticle 

Step By Step French smile line drawing technique and which white gels are best to use.

Perfect Swarovski Application

Day Five: 20th  Wednesday May - 4pm

Educator: Tihana Besevic 


Tihana is a Scratch Star Finalist and our newest Absolute International Master Educator. She brings a huge amount of talent & fresh and modern ideas to the group. An exciting day 5 with Tihana as she shows you everything you need to know to be able to create simply stunning salon viable spring flowers.

Tihana says:

This course will help you to quickly create flowers inspired by spring. 

Easy and effective salon gel painting. 

You will get all the information about products, such as what is the best to use for this nail art, what brushes to use, how to mix colours, what top coat and ‘effect’  powders to use to achieve different results.

Day Six: 21st Thursday May - 4pm

Educator: Amanda Hawtree-Taft


Award winner, Scratch Stars finalist & competition judge, Amanda, hosts our final day. As an amazingly talented nail artist, Amanda will take on the ever popular Disney! Join Amanda for our last day as she shows you how to create a selection of Disney characters using a number of different techniques. 

Amanda says:

I’m so excited! Would you like to know how to make your favourite Disney Classic Characters come to life using nail products such as gel polish or art gels? I will be showing you some brand new designs for ths class.

Who doesn't love Disney! 

In this class, I will be showing you how you can achieve amazing results.I will be covering the following:

*composition theory

*how to scale and draw your character

*colour theory and blending

*how to paint with gel polishes and art gels

*shading and layering technique 

*how to effectively contour your designs

*Plus many more hints and tricks along the way


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