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Crystal Nails Educator Course 2019

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Timea Berridge - Crystal Nails Nottingham

Hi, my name is Timea. I have been working as a nail technician for a number of

years now and knew of Crystal Nails and their reputation but had not had the

opportunity to use their products. After seeing the opportunity to become a Nail

Educator in one of their emails I decided to go On the Crystal Nails Educator

Training they were offering in Chelmsford at the end of October 2019 to raise my

game and see if the opportunity was as good as the advertising suggested!

I was very nervous and also very excited before I arrived, and I didn’t really know

what to expect as I have never been on an Educator course before. We had 4

educators – Annamaria Farkas, Karina Perematko, Karolina Tryc and Amanda

Hawtree-Taft. They informed us they were International Master Educators for Crystal

Nails and after completing the course I can see how - their knowledge is outstanding.

I was in a group of 10 people and as Nail Technicians we already had a lot of

knowledge about how to do manicures, pedicures, nail extensions etc., but this was

the hard part - we had to learn how to teach it to others. Although we know how to do

it but when it came to explaining the steps we all agreed that we struggled at first!

However, the patience of the team and the information we were taught was


The course was 3 days long and very intensive. The Educators were all very

professional but also fun. They made us feel very welcome and relaxed, sometimes

it was overwhelming the amount of knowledge and skill they had but this also made

me really comfortable that we were in safe hands.

On the first day we learnt about manicure, nail prep, and about Crystal Nails

products. The second day we did practical stuff (for example do different shaped

nails) and then we had to go on the front to explain how we would teach our

students. – this for me was the most nerve wracking element but in hindsight I

thoroughly enjoyed it!

The next step for me is to go to Budapest in January and prepare myself to become

an International Educator with Crystal Nails and I can’t wait!

Crystal Nails to me means quality products, and professionalism, and everybody at

the organisation is very helpful. Their system and the way they teach is second to

none. If it was possible to this again I would definitely do it and recommend it to

everybody. I wish I started my nail technician career with them years ago. Crystal

Nails is more than just a brand, Crystal Nails is the future.

Timea Berridge @ Crystal Nails Nottingham

Timea Berridge


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