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Crystal SPA exfoliation product line - User Guide

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1. Disinfectant foot rinse

After a consultation with the guest and a preliminary foot diagnosis, the next step is a quick disinfecting foot wash with Crystal Nails CrystalSept Disinfectant liquid soap. The water should always be body warm and drinking water quality. Do not soak the feet in the water for a long time. In some cases, you can perform local skin softening by using Crystal SPA Callus Remover drops for feet. Make sure that the foot soak lasts only a short time, as the ingredients of the treatment work more effectively on dry skin. After rinsing the feet, take the feet out of the soaking water, wipe them dry, disinfect the treated area and your hands with CrystalSept Hand Sanitizer Spray and wait until it dries.

2. Disinfection

Always disinfect your tools with CrystalSept tool and surface disinfectant. It is worth buying both packaging, as the smaller ones are easier to dose, while the larger packaging is more economical. When disinfecting tools, always make sure that the disinfectant only touches the tools, not the skin or other surfaces. After the necessary exposure time, wipe the devices dry.

3. Exfoliation with gel

As a next step, you can start exfoliating your guest’s calluses with A Crystal Spa Exfoliating Gel. It is an acid concentrate that easily softens the calluses. It also good for dry or cracked skin and corns as it works gently and completely painlessly. Due to its intense skin-dissolving effect (of course, if you follow the steps), the pedicure scalpel is completely unnecessary for this treatment. After applying it to the foot, place the Crystal Spa Cosmetic wipes on the treated area, then wrap the foot with a cling film and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. During the effective time, you can easily make a manicure, remove a gel polish or a nail polish. Finally, use our special Crystal SPA scraper to remove the gel and the dissolved skin from the surface. Start pulling the scraper from top to bottom on the treated area, even with small movements, making sure to remove the material from everywhere.

4. Exfoliation with foam

In case of mild calluses, use Crystal Spa Softener Foam - which is a fruity skin softening foam - on the area for 5-10 minutes, depending on your guest’s feet. In case of such calluses, skip step 2 and only exfoliate with the foam. Shake a little before use for better foaming, if necessary. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in this skin-softening foam, it has a mild exfoliating effect and loosens the dead skin layers that have not yet been reached. Spray a few pumps on the area to be treated and after the period of effect has expired, wipe off the remaining amount of material with the Crystal Spa Cosmetic wipes.

5. Filing

After any kind of exfoliation, remove the remaining calluses with the Crystal SPA stainless steel foot file.

6. Foot washing

After the strong acid treatments, it is necessary to stabilize the PH value of the treated skin, for this reason it is necessary to soak the feet, pour 1 heaped tablespoon of the NEW Softener Salt Passion Fruit in the soaking water. Let it dissolve and soak your guest’s feet in it for 5-10 minutes according to skin type.

7. Peeling

Halfway of the soaking time, you can start peeling the skin with the Crystal SPA peeling scrub passion fruit for feet. By removing the dead skin layer, it ensures the absorption of the active ingredients and thereby softens the skin. Always wash your feet after scrubbing, and when you are done wipe the feet dry to continue the treatment.

8. Gel polish

After buffing the nail plate, prepare the gel polish on your guest’s feet as you do it usually.

9. Mask

At the end of the treatment or as a last step after the gel polish is finished, treat your guest’s feet with the Crystal Spa All in one cream and Mask deep moisturizing cream. Scoop the cream with a SPA Wax spatula and then apply it to the treated area. You can use this cream as a moisturizing cream, which you can apply in a thin layer and massage into the skin, or you can use a thicker layer as a foot mask. In the case of a foot mask, apply a thick layer to the treated area and wait 10 minutes for the active ingredients in it to take effect. Thanks to its deep moisturizing effect, it perfectly soothes and regenerates dry skin, while your guest is completely relaxed.

Important information:

  • during a foot diagnosis, always ask your guest what kind of problem they have, which affects the treatment.
  • to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, follow the steps in the correct order.
  • pay attention to the effective time of the products, do not leave the materials longer than allowed
  • wear rubber gloves during treatment to protect your hands
  • never touch the cream used during the treatment with your hands, but use the SPA Wax spatula.


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