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Mosaic Crystal Liquid in use!

In: Step by Step On:

1. Build the nails with Xtreme Fusion Acrlygel!

2. Paint the smile line and color the nailbed with the 3S78 3 Step CrystaLac! Cure it for 1 minute!

3. Paint the free edge with the 3S53 3 Step CrystaLac and cure it for 10 seconds!

4. Paint on the free edge with the white Mosaic Crystal Liquid and wait for the dry. Use the Mattever Matte Top Gel and cure it for 2 minutes!

5. Paint the base of the flower with the mix of the red Art Gel and the 3S53 gel polish! Cure it for 1 minute!

6. Shade the petals with Art Gel Black and cure it for 30 seconds!

7. Highlight the petals with Art Gel White and make the center of the flower! Cure it for 1 minute and use the Mattever Matte Top Gel, then cure it again for 30 seconds!

8. Cover the free edge with the Xtreme Top Shine, and after 1 minute curing time use the 808 3D Gel with the Art Design Brush and decorate the free edge! At the end cure it for 2 minutes!

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