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Nail Tools and Care

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Skin scissors -Golden scissors

   Made from Japanese steel. Japanese steel is a superior material for blades because it holds its super sharp edge longer than stainless steel. 

   Sharp and shaped blades offer precise cuts without tearing. 

   Scissors are chromium-plated to prevent premature rusting.


Professional pusher with scaling point

  Made from stainless steel. It is a double-ended manicure and pedicure tool designed to remove excess cuticles from the nail plate. 

  The pusher is perfectly shaped to mirror the cuticle zone and avoid damage to client's skin. 

  Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, chromium-plated to help prevent premature rusting.


What ergonomic aspects should nail professionals consider when purchasing tools? 

When purchasing tools always consider the material the tools are made of. 

The quality is essential because some materials will rust quickly. 

Normally surgical grade stainless steel and Japanese steel, chromium-plated is the best solution for tool material. 

How should tools be cared for and cleaned? Why is it so important to clean between clients?

To avoid cross infection it is important to work with clean, disinfected, and sterile tools. 

After using tools for manicure and pedicure little pieces of skin or non-living tissue are left on the tool itself. Before any disinfection, it is important to clean it.  


With Crystal Nails Ultrasonic Cleaner -  cleaning metal tools and accessories could not get any easier: speed, practicality, and efficiency. It has been specially developed to help with everyday work and to be able to clean several tools at the same time.

It is primarily used for cleaning diamond manicure bits, carbide bits, scissors, cuticle pushers, brushes, and other tools/accessories so that the disinfectant spray can work properly by removing any dirt.

And with its sleek, beautiful appearance, practical size, and ease of use, it is an excellent addition to have. In the stainless steel tank, all devices fit comfortably, and with its 5-minute quick program, efficiency is not an issue. Recommended for everyday use.

How does It work? The liquid-filled container is vibrated by ultrasonic waves so that all contaminants are easily removed from the tools. It loosens stubborn, old dirt and easily removes everyday dirt.


After cleaning in ultrasonic cleaner rinse the tools with clean running water, then disinfect them in disinfecting solution. 

When choosing disinfect make sure it’s hospital grade and approved solution.

Only water- or chemical-resistant intact objects/devices may be used in the device. Before using the chemical used, carefully read the instructions provided with the product.

It is very important to follow the manufacturing guidelines of the solution. This includes the amount of time that the tool is submerged into disinfected solution. It is usually 10-15minutes but it depends on the brand. 

Drying tools after disinfection is also very important to prevent premature rusting and damage.  When drying tools take a soft tissue or cloth and thoroughly dry tools. 

How to prolong the life of the tools

The correct storage will prolong the life of tools. We need to pay attention to how we are putting tools with a sharp edge in disinfecting solutions. I

t is recommended to place cotton wool on the bottom of the jar with disinfecting to prevent blunting edges.

Plastic blade protectors should be used in case we dropped them. 


Follow manufacturing guidelines and take care of your tools so they can last you a long time.

Tihana Besevic 

Absolute International Master Educator 


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