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Pedicure and Foot Service

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Pedicure and Foot Service - Short Knowledge 

Pedicure is not only about painting the toenails but also taking care of the feet. We should

have our pedicure done by a specialist every 5-6 weeks, or once a month if we have any

type of technical products on our toenails. What can happen if we don’t take care of our feet

for a long period?

Leaving our toenails to grow too long can lead to onycholysis. Onycholysis is the

detachment of the nail plate from the nail bed that occurs for several reasons, including

leaving our toenails too long, especially at that time of the year when we are wearing shoes

every day. Very often this can lead to many other infections like onychomycosis.

It is important to evaluate carefully our clients nail plate before we start to work

because there can be signs present that indicates serious disease. Recognizing the specific

signs of each condition is very important in understanding and diagnosing nail dystrophies.

The disease can be caused by infectious agents that can be bacteria, viruses, parasites, and

fungus. Any such disease can be transmitted by a simple touch; therefore hygiene,

protection, and sterilization are mandatory. Also is very important to complete a client record

card, where we should write down every smallest detail, we see on the client’s toenails or skin,

that we think is not normal. The client record card should have the name of the client,

date, age if the client has diabetes or not, or dermatological problems. Write down the

service you offered, but most important your recommendations. In the end, make sure that

the client understood and signed it. This way you can also see the progress.

When informing the clients about any diseases she or he might have, is very important to

explain what can happen if they don’t follow your recommendations. We should explain

calmly that this can happen to anyone, but if you’re not sure about what they might have, the

best thing to do is to send them to the doctor.

To have a beautiful pedicure done, we should have:

- Correct toenail shape (never do round shape or leave long nails on toes)

- Ideal cuticle

- Clean side folds

- Colour perfectly applied especially near the cuticle area

The most practiced pedicure these days is the Dry pedicure for which we are using nail

drills and bits, and fruit peelings to remove hard skin. It is very important to use quality

products and to learn from a specialist. Unfortunately, these treatments cannot be made for

pregnant ladies, but for them the best thing to do is the spa pedicure for total relaxation,

using Crystal Spa collection from Crystal Nails.

For toenails is also very important to use high-quality and flexible products only. For

this, the Compact base and Crystalac range from Crystal nails are the best. It has very good

adhesion, is flexible products, so it molds after the natural nail, and the chances for

breaking or damaging the nails are low.

Besides the fact that our salon must always be clean and with sterile utensils, it is also

important to have a calming environment so that customers can relax completely. Many

clients come to disconnect from the daily rush and stress or simply to pamper themselves.

For the technician is important also to use gloves, face coverings, paper towels only, and

medical disposable caps in order to stay healthy.

Timi Darabant, Crystal Nails Educator

Instagram: @darabant.nails


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