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Reverse Tips - What are they and how to use

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What are Reverse tips and how to use them

What are reverse tips???

Reverse tips  were specifically made to be used with AcrylGel/PolyGel. Instead of applying AcrylGel on top of the tips , with reverse tips we are applying product inside of the tips. The goal is to form the perfect nail inside of the tips that can be placed on top of the natural nail, providing a smooth nail that requires minimal extra. Reverse tips are typically made of plastic and look like full cover nails. They are reusable, usually come in a box with different sizes, square or almond shape.

What should be considered when fitting the reverse tips?

  1. It is recommended using reverse tips that are slightly wider than natural nails – this allows the side of reverse tips to cover down the sides of nails completely.

  2. Always apply small amount of the products to avoid any access to run to the cuticle. 

  3. Stick tips going from cuticle area towards the edge of the nail

  4. Stick tips firmly to avoid any bubbles

Why is it imperative to fit forms and tips perfectly?

What will happen if they are not fitted correctly?

-Very important is to properly prepare natural nail, and to apply base gel on natural nails. 

-If reverse tips are smaller than natural nails we won’t be able to cover sides of the natural nail and create perfect shape.

What nail needs/client types would you use reverse tips for?

Reverse tips are good for everyone. They are also perfect solution to quickly create nail enhancement on bitten nails.

Tihana Besevic 

Absolute International Master Educator for Crystal Nails


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