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Super Cool Summer Trend Colours You Must Have In Your Salon

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A colour that’s hard to define - somewhere halfway between pink and purple. Fuchsia is just like a woman with a capital W: majestic, elegant, and demands respect – yet sexy, daring, and strikingly beautiful. Combine it with black or orange, or if you’re wearing a fuchsia dress, go for brilliant – gold or silver – colours.


Ink Blue

Although for most people, blue comes off as a cold colour, Ink Blue is the signature shade of sunshine, the sea, and the summer. Some even call it the colour of passion – which we agree with, but it still has an immense relaxing effect, recalling the eternal harmony of the endless sea and the bright blue sky. Combine this vibrant, lively colour with white, blue, or gold!



Neither blue nor green, somewhere in between: like the tropical sea. Originally known as the colour of balance. Behind its lively vibrations lie the calming, soul-soothing, energizing feel of the seaside. Combine it with neutral colours or colours that either complement it or create a contrast.


Blood Orange

A mixture of red and orange that reinvigorates any environment. Blood orange is the colour of joy and the colour of lust for life. Dare to combine it with nude colours such as American Peanut Butter. Get blood orange in your wardrobe: a few accessories, a pair of shoes or a bag will breathe new life into your outfits!



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