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The Revolutionary Crystal Nails Xtreme Fusion Acrylgel

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The unique AcrylGel is a member of our Xtreme family with easy and timeless formability, which was tested for months for professional and quick salon work.


In five popular colours: the most popular Cover Pink, Brilliant Extra White, Transparent Clear, NEW! Baby Boomer White which is perfect for Baby Boomer and a solid French, NEW! More vibrant nailbed coloured Transparent Pink.

  • AcrylGel builder product
  • Extreme density, no burning sensation
  • Excellent controllability of hard gels and the formability and durability of the acrylics characterizes it
  • Tube packaging - accurate dispensing, without wasting of the product
  • No need for base gel
  • Only Cleanser needed for the application – no allergic reaction and unpleasant odours
  • Easy and timeless formability – it does not flow before curing
  • The finished product has the flexibility of the gel combined with the strength of the acrylic
  • Extremely easy to file - cuts back on time
  • More precise sculpting - thrifty, you can save time on filing
  • Faster salon work means more clients

New generation, non-heating, Xtreme dense, perfect shaping and easy to file hybrid AcrylGel builder gel. At sculpting, the controllability of the gel and the formability of the acrylic characterizes it. After curing, it will have the flexibility of gel combined with the strength of the acrylic. Can be filed easily after curing and cleansing. The brand new tube packaging provides cleaner working conditions. Accurate dispensing: a sufficient amount of product is applied to the nail without any waste. Makes sculpting faster compared to gels and acrylics. No need for base gel. Only use it with Cleanser thus doesn’t cause allergic reaction and doesn’t have unpleasant odor.

Easy to file. Fast and easy shaping makes it more comfortable for both the professional and for the clients as well. Suggested files: Xtreme 180/180 (green), Classic 150/150 (blue) zebra file, new IronX 150/180. When sculpting or filling, it will not lift- even with problematic Nails. Can be combined perfectly with the other builder products- gels and as well as acrylics. Suggested top gels: Cool Top Gel and Xtreme Top Shine. Apply it with a softer brush: Nero Merlo I., CoverPRO, Xtreme acrylic brush, or any type of round natural hair brush.


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