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Builder Pink Hard Gel (15ml)

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Super dense, nail enhancement hard gel

Pink builder gel with a glossy finish. The thicker and more vivid-colored version of Builder Pink I. Perfect for sculpting the nail bed area when using the smile line filing technique. Easy to apply, does not flow, thicker viscosity makes it ideal for creating a high-arched C-curve and for sculpting even thickness in a single step. Apply it with a softer brush: Gel 6, Gel 4, Xtreme Gel, or Nero Merlo II. When applying a larger amount, use a bigger brush such as Firm Brush or Nero Merlo III. Pinch time: 40-50 seconds. Full cure time in a UV lamp is 2-3 minutes. Does not cure in a LED lamp.

Use a “slip” layer to avoid air bubbles. It has a darker color than Builder Pink I., just enough to give the nail bed a slight pink shade.

Data sheet

Pink Builder Gels
Colour Name
Hard Gel (Buff-off)
Compatible Shine Gel
Xtreme Top Shine. Top Seal Light. CrystaLac Clear/Top 0. Easy Off Top Gel. One Step Clear - 0. Matt Top
Crystal Nails UV
UV Curing Time
2-3 min
LED Curing Time
Colour Group

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