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Become an affiliate

  1. Sign into your Crystal Nails account
  2. Click “Become affiliate” button Complete details
  3. Read ‘Terms and Conditions’
  4. Tick to accept ‘Terms and Conditions’
  5. Click “Ask for Approval”

We will then review your request and you will receive an email when your request has been approved.


Your affiliate account

Once your affiliate request has been approved, you will see a button that says “My affiliate account” when you sign into your account on the website.


My affiliate account - this section contains a generic link that you can give to students, clients or use on your website. This link will take clients to the main Crystal Nails homepage and will link any purchases to your mentor account for you to earn commission on.


Summary - this section gives a summary of the last 30 days activity on your affiliate account. It shows total clicks, earnings and payments. This is also where you Request a Payment from Crystal Nails UK for any commission accumulated (minimum £50).



Campaigns - this section is where you can create new campaigns for your affiliate account. Campaigns can be used to establish which client groups you are earning the most commission from. For example, you can set up a campaign for students from a beginner class and a campaign for use on your website. Each campaign generates a different link that you can give to those clients to use and it will track what you earn from each campaign.



Products & Commissions - this section provides your links for each individual product should you wish to use them for clients or on your website, in blogs etc. This also specifies how much commission you will receive for each product.



Sales & Commissions - this section details each transaction that has earnt you commission - it does not give details of the customer but it does provide the order total and the commission amount, plus whether or not the order was approved (i.e. shipped and not cancelled)