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CN Xtreme Fusion gel kit
  • CN Xtreme Fusion gel kit

CN Xtreme Fusion gel kit

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  • CN Xtreme Fusion gel kit

The kit contains the new Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel so you can try this unique and revolutionary non-heating, dense and easy to le builder product.

At sculpting, the controllability of the gel and the durability of the acrylic powder characterizes it. The finished product has the flexibility of gels that are combined with the strength of the acrylic. Almost perfectly cures to a non-cleansing and dry finish. After curing should be cleansed then easily shapable with a file. 

Data sheet

Builder Gel Trial Kits
Compatible Shine Gel
Xtreme Top Shine. Cool Top. Top Seal Light. CrystaLac Clear/Top 0. Easy Off Top Gel. One Step Clear - 0. Mattever
Crystal Nails UV / LED
UV Curing Time
2-3 min
LED Curing Time
1-2 min

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