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 How to make a perfect photo to boost your business?!

How to make a perfect photo to boost your business?!

One of the most important marketing tools of a nail artist is photos of the work.

We would like to share the skills with you that will help to create professional photos that may involve new guests or students!

When taking photos, it is essential to have the right light, because it can be used to sell a poorly-Lit Light on the nails. If we're taking pictures in the open, let's go to half-shadow.

However, we can save a lot of time if we simply take a picture of the nails that are done on our desktop: a cold white bulb is ideal.

It is a fundamental question for the choice of tools to invest in a camera or our cell phone is sufficient for this purpose. Fortunately, we can make nice pictures with most smartphones today, but we also need to take care of a few settings here. On some phones, we can adjust the selective focus where we can obscure the background. In fact, if we just want to focus on a single fingernail, let's focus on it. If we are to decide with the camera, we choose a fixed 50 mm Lens, and we will definitely use the macro function.

What Photo did you take today?

CrystalNails Admin

Aug 30, 2018

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