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Caution, difficult client ahead!

Caution, difficult client ahead!

“I love my job and I would never choose any other career path, but sometimes I feel stressed and struggle to be patient with difficult clients…”


Is that sound familiar?

Do you feel frustrated with not easy clients?

Don’t you have the energy to smile all the time?


We know how difficult life of the nail technician it might be – client who is constantly late or client who know better how to do your job!

We have some few advice that will help you to survive the day…

  1.        Miss I know better!

Choose you words carefully – do not let your customer to drag you to conversation about controversial subjects e.g. politics. Try to choose light topics e.g. holiday, weather, nail art, upcoming events. If you cannot think about anything else, just try to be polite and have a big smile on your face J

  1.        Miss I am not really sure what I want!

Try to think about three different designs in advance. Do not give her too many options as this may cause the delay in your schedule!

  1.        Miss That is too expensive!

Always, but always have VISIBLE pricelist in your salon. If client wants difficult nail art on the nail, message the price beforehand. In this way you will save the awkwardness and a time!

  1.        Miss I need this done yesterday!

You cannot make always happy each and every customer. If you are sure that you cannot make specific treatment in requested time schedule, then try to rebook her when you are confident that you will finish on time. If you have strong client base, we would suggest to leave few available spaces during a week for just walk ins or emergency clients.

  1.        Miss Everything is emergency!

Establish clear time tables and remind them that you cannot leave other clients waiting.

  1.        Miss I don’t really care – do what you want.

Sometimes it may be frustrating as you want to do your job and move onto next client.

However, you might use this attitude as the advantage! Use the freedom that your clients provides and have a little play! You can put to good use the results e.g. posting on social media.

  1.        Miss I care so much that it hurts!

You will have to take extra time in your schedule to make sure that you will not feel the pressure of finishing right now! In this way you can help your client to relax as you won’t rush and make sudden and quick movements with your dangerous files :D

  1.        Miss I hate this colour for no reason!

Don’t ask their favourite colour – ask what the occasion is and as an expert display your recommendations.

  1.        Miss Won’t it take 5 minutes?

Well, it won’t! Take a deep breath and try to explain why what she wants won’t take just 5 minutes.

  1.     Miss What you did was great, but now I want something else!

You did really good job – even listened about her kids about an hour, but she changed her mind and would like to have additional nail art. Grrrrr… That is your dream client!

You might want to make clear that additional charges will be applied, if what she is asking for is far away from the original price!


We know for sure that you met with some of the types from our list. This is unavoidable! If you will prepare yourself with the right methods of dealing with your dream customers, then you should feel much more relaxed! On the other side, think about positive aspects of you job and how much joy it brings to your life. Good luck!


CrystalNails Admin

May 01, 2018

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