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ChroMirror Pigment - TigerEye Gold

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Newest pigment powder producing a desired mirror effect.

The chrome craze continues!

ChroMirror Chrome Pigment Powders are easy to use.

Apply it onto a cleansing-free material – Royal Gel, One Step CrystaLac, 0/Clear One Step CrystaLac, Super Shine Optic, Xtreme Top Shine – you’ve cured for about the minute. Thoroughly rub the pigment powder into the material, then top it off with a top coat.

CN Tip: Apply Acid Free Primer to the surface of the ChroMirror chrome pigment powders, to get perfect adhesion. Cover with Easy Off Top Gel in 2 layers!

Data sheet

Colour Name
TigerEye Gold
Compatible Shine Gel
Xtreme Top Shine. SuperShine Optic

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