Builder Xtreme White Gel (50ml)

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Snow white, thick builder gel.

A thick viscosity, bright snow white builder gel that is easy to apply evenly; gives you a shadow free sharp smile line. Great for competition nails. Zsuzsanna Fekete (Olympic Champion) swears by this thick material.

Cure time: 3 minutes in a Crystal Nails UV lamp. Duel lamp 2 minutes

Tip: Apply a thin base layer of transparent gel on the prepared nail. On the form it should be applied slightly thicker, (creating the shape of the extension). Cure for 1 minute, and then carefully remove the form. Now you can create the white free edge on the clear extension, which then allows the UV rays to evenly fully cure the white gel from the top and bottom of the free edge.

£ 34.97 tax incl.


£ 49.95 tax incl.

Data sheet

Type White Builder Gels
Colour Name White
Size 50ml
System Hard Gel (Buff-off)
Compatible Shine Gel Xtreme Top Shine. Top Seal Light. CrystaLac Clear/Top 0. Easy Off Top Gel. One Step Clear - 0. Matt Top
Cures Crystal Nails UV / LED
UV Curing Time 3-4 min
Dual / LED Curing Time 2-3 min


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