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Art Gel - White

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New! Art gel dense paint gel. The new generation of colour gels, which can be used for painting. Extremely high pigmentation, dense, cleansing free, what covers well even if you applied it very thinly. Doesn’t flow or move at all. There is no time limit, we can work as long as we want.  Use for One move technique, gel nail art, thin lines or contouring. Nicer colour transitions and more vivid colours. Available in 5 colours: yellow, red, blue, black (to create darker shades) and white (to create lighter shades). By mixing these colours every shade can be created. Shade can be created. Cure time: 3-4 mins in UV and LED

CN tip: use it extremely thinly – the minimal amount is enough on the brush to avoid curing problems.

CN tip: art gel paint gels can be used only for decorations – to cover the whole nail surface or the free edge, use royal gel.

£ 12.00 tax incl.

Data sheet

Collection Decor Art Gels
Colour Name White
Size 5ml
System Hard Gel (Buff-off)
Compatible Shine Gel No Top coat required
Cures Crystal Nails UV / LED
UV Curing Time 3-4 min
Dual / LED Curing Time 3-4 min


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