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One Step - 1S71
  • One Step - 1S71

One Step - 1S71

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1S71: Cherry blossom, 1S72: Peach blossom, 1S73: Bloomy bunch-berry, 1S74: red coral

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One Step CrystaLac - in matching bottles Non-cleansing; flexible; soak-off gel polish. Super fast and super gentle contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Instead of the usual four layers; it is enough two apply a single layer or maximum of two layers. When applied in a single layer it lasts for a week. When applied in two layers it lasts for 10 days. If top shine is applied onto two layers of One Step it lasts for 2 weeks. Soak-off takes 8-10 minutes depending on the strength of the remover. LED/UV SYSTEM Enhance the shine of the One Step Crysta Lac with Super Shine Optic!

Data sheet

Colour Code
Compatible Shine Gel
SuperShine Optic. One Step 0/Clear. CrystaLac 0/Top. Cool Top
Crystal Nails UV / LED
UV Curing Time
2-3 min
LED Curing Time
1-2 min
Colour Group

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