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CrystaLac TigerEye - TE11 (4ml)

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TIGER EYE EFFECT: THE LINE MOVES AS YOU TURN YOUR HAND! Look into the eye of the tiger! Unique tiger effect: as your client moves her hand, the tiger’s eye moves with it, surveying its surroundings with the awareness of an apex predator. Flexible, soak-off. Apply it in two layers: cure the first layer, then use a special magnet for the second layer to unleash the untameable beauty of the tiger eye effect! Hold the magnet steadily 3-4 mm above the nail for 4-5 seconds to create the tiger eye effect, then cure it ASAP, as the tiger eye effect is bound to begin gradually disappearing within a few seconds. Cure time in a UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in a LED lamp 1-2 minutes. LED/UV SYSTEM For the best results apply them in two layers. Use Compact Base Gel or Compact Cover Base Gel as a base. You can maximize the Tiger eye effect with Super Shine Optic or Cool Top Gel. In order to get a new unique effect, use them on any other colour! If you apply it on a black gel polish base, even one layer is enough for the Tiger Eye effect, and you will get a more intensive result.


Data sheet

Colour Code
Compatible Shine Gel
One Step Clear - 0. CrystaLac 0/Top. Easy Off Top Gel. Cool Top
Crystal Nails UV / LED
UV Curing Time
2-3 min
LED Curing Time
1-2 min
Colour Group

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